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Getting Practical is programme of professional development for teachers of science at primary, secondary and post 16 level with the aim of improving the effectiveness of learning through practical science lessons.


The courses are being offered free of charge in England until the end of the 2010/2011 academic year. Many courses have already taken place around England but there are a few scheduled for the Summer term. Visit the 'Local CPD events' quick-link to find out if there is one near you.





Why is there a need for the Getting Practical programme?


It is widely recognised that practical work is a vital element of school science, and there are a number of high quality resources to support it. However, practical science work per se may not always impact sufficiently on pupils’ engagement and learning.

Getting Practical will support teachers, technicians and teaching assistants to improve the effectiveness of practical work through using, tailoring and managing practical science activities to meet whatever purpose the teacher has in mind.

Getting Practical aims to improve the:

  • clarity of learning outcomes associated with practical work
  • effectiveness and impact of practical work on learning
  • quality rather than quantity of practical work and to ensure that these developments are sustainable in schools

Participants are given time and support to reflect upon their own teaching practice with regard to practical work and look for small ways that they can improve that practice for the benefit of the pupils' learning.


"I am pleased to find a programme that is going to recognise a need to address issues surrounding attitudes towards the teaching of science and not just provide a set of suggested activities." - teacher website user


"The course has gone really well and I thoroughly enjoyed delivering it. It has certainly influenced my practice already." - Getting Practical trainer 2010