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The list of resources below is by no means an exhaustive list and should you find any resources that we could add to the list or have developed any yourself that you might like to share, please do contact us through the Your Thoughts page.



SCORE resources supporting the programme:


Getting practical:  a framework for practical work in scienceGetting practical:
a framework for practical work in science

Explore, inspire, discover:  practical work in scienceExplore, inspire, discover:
practical work in science





Subject specific resources can be found at the following websites:




Featured Resource




An interactive software resource designed to help teachers and their students get more out of laboratory sessions.


Ideal for supporting GCSE Chemistry studies


Find out more



Getting Practical partners offer the following resources to support teachers:


Association for Science Education (ASE)
- Science UPD8 WIKID – resources to support How Science Works


ASE Outdoor Science

- Articles of interest SCHOOL SCIENCE REVIEW Issue 87/320 March 2006

- The value of outdoor learning: evidence from research in the UK and elsewhere


- Chemistry Outdoors


- Physics outdoors: from the Doppler effect to F = ma

- Putting earth science teaching into its outdoor context


- Information on the latest Secondary developments


Institute of Physics (IOP)
- Resources for secondary level


L'Oreal Young Scientist Centre, Royal Institution

- Exploring science in a new state-of-the-art laboratory.


National Network of Science Learning Centres
- Professional development courses for teachers, technicians and teaching assistants.


Royal Society of Chemistry (RSC)

– Resources for teachers supporting chemistry education


Royal Society of Chemistry (RSC)
- ‘Chemistry for non-specialists’ CPD course


Royal Society of Chemistry (RSC) - Scientific Games

- A fun and different scientific experience for students.


Royal Society of Chemistry (RSC) video material
- Video clips of experiments on the ‘RSC video material for teachers of Chemistry’ DVD


Science and Plants for Schools (SAPS) programme
- Resources for secondary level work on plants

Science Enhancement Programme
- Information and training for science teachers

The National Strategies
- Resources to support How Science Works

The Society of Biology
- Competition for students to take part in.

The Society of Biology
- Educational resources.


The Society of Biology

- In the Loop resources from Manchester Metropolitan University



Other organisations also offer good quality practical science resources:


Bristol ChemLabs

– Secondary activities and events in the South West region


Centre for Effective Learning in Science (CELS)

– Secondary ‘Kit in a Kase’ activities in the East Midlands


Centre for Effective Learning in Science (CELS)

– Secondary web based activities and downloadable resources


Field Studies Council (FSC)

- Fieldwork opportunities with the FSC's Outdoor Classroom.


Joint Earth Science Education Initiative
- Resources for teaching Earth Science for Chemistry, Physics and Biology teachers


Royal Academy of Engineering

- Resources for use by STEM club leaders


Royal Academy of Engineering

- Resources for teachers exploring the sport of Skeleton Bobsleigh



- Education resources and activities for teachers of KS3 and KS4


School Science

- Resource bank for science activities

Science Additional Specialism Programme (SASP)

- Professional development programme to help teachers without a first degree or a secondary initial teacher training specialism in physics or chemistry to teach more effectively.


Scottish Schools Equipment Research Centre


South East Physics Network (SEPnet)

- Excitement, Innovation and Knowledge of Physics


Starting Out

- Mentoring and support for early career maths and science teachers.


Teachers TV

- KS4 Science - Chemistry with CLEAPSS


Teachers TV

- KS3/4 Science - Demonstrating Physics: Electrostatics


Teachers TV

- KS3/4 Science - Physics for Non-Physicists: Forces


The British Science Association
- CREST projects and awards

Triple Science Support Programme

- Resources for Biology, Chemistry and Physics teaching to GCSE.